Welcome to Tesserix LC

Tesserix LC is an enterprise experienced consultancy focused on Linux, UNIX, and Windows in the data center.

Local Phone: (804) 620-3040
Toll Free:      877 IT Linux (877-485-4689)

We're Linux focused

We do Linux first, not last, so you can be sure If you use Linux in any of your mission critical operations you will want us on the job.

Windows driven

As Windows continues to get better with each release, more and more UNIX and open-source technologies area being incorporated into each product. Kerberos, and LDAP had been widely used in Linux and UNIX shops for years before Microsoft integrated them into the smooth running Active Directory that you use today.

When you thoroughly understand the underlying technology that goes into a product, you can often do far more to deploy, maintain, and integrate that product in a given environment. This is our strength. We can go under the hood; far under the hood, to solve problems and create the environments and tools that make our customers successful.

Open source proven

We know that Open Source Software (OSS) is not ultimately free. Even if you pay nothing for the software itself, you still need to deploy it, support it, and understand what it can do for you. Free software may be a great value. It may also be a loosing proposition. But, unless you talk to someone who was successful with it in other environments, you'll probably never know for sure if you're passing up your best opportunity to save a lot of money, or sinking a lot of money in a loosing project.

We have a track record of success in OSS. It's our bread and butter. If you're considering using open source products for your project, or are moving forward with an OSS project, We want to offer our insight and knowledge to help you bring home a win.